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Friday 8th January 2021


1. 5 a day

2. TT Rockstars

3. LBQ - Perform Mental Calculations Including with Mixed Operations

Code: vhd

See the Video Resource Centre for some teaching.


Complete the third part of the reading about bees on the LBQ site. The code you need is: vhd


Today you need to access the first resource sheet below. Then watch the video again from Wednesday and study the movement of the character. Then write some ideas into the
boxes.  I have modelled this on the Video Resource Centre. Once you have done this, have a go at writing a sentence to describe in detail the way in which the Dreamgiver moves.


Focus on the Dreamgiver’s wings. Does he remind you of another living creature or animal? How? Why? Think about this. 

Now can you write a sentence which includes a simile to describe either the physical appearance or the movement of the Dreamgiver.  Remember similes compare things and use like/as.  


Now look at the simile sentence that has been written on resource sheet two below.  Follow the instructions and see if you can change and improve the sentence. 


Now write a paragraph describing the movements of the Dreamgiver and the way he
distributes the dreams using similes.  Challenge:  Can you use a metaphor to describe him or his actions?  

Send your completed pieces to your teacher.  



Still image for this video


In Music at home this term we will think about how music is made up of lots of different bits….we call these ELEMENTS  of music. Today we will learn about DYNAMICS

Task 1:  Log into Bitesize, watch the clip & read the information about DYNAMICS.  A man called Tchaikovsky teaches the band about how music can be different VOLUMES (this is what we mean by DYNAMICS).

Task 2: If you can, record yourself making some quiet sounds, some medium sounds and some loud sounds. If you play an instrument, use that; or find an item in your home to use to make sounds with.

Task 3: Listen to the clip of Nutcracker suite by Tchaikovsky on BBC and write some thoughts on how the quiet and loud passages make you feel?  

Email your recordings and your thoughts to


Have a go at Monday's activities from Week 1 Timetable of the Lancashire School Games Website.



The document is 8 pages long. Go to page 2 to find the Week 1 Timetable. There are four sections for Monday's activity:

Move (green)

Challenge (pink)

Learn (blue)

Play (yellow)


Get through the first three sections by clicking on each link in the Monday column of the timetable. There are instructional videos and text to guide you through. You decide whether you need to complete the 'play' section or not.