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Friday 9th July 2021

Teams Meetings 9.30am and 12.30pm Today


Happy Friday, Topaz Class!


It’s Friday Wages Day!! Have you earned yours so far?


It’s also Spelling Test day!


Please attend the online meeting and work through the tasks below. Don't forget to email me your work to:


Today, we have Mathematics, Reading, English, History and Computing.



We are working on Statistics, this week!


Y3/4: Please complete the activities below. This is an assessment of all the work we have covered, this week. Good luck!

Table 2: Please watch the video at the link Spr2.6.3 - Interpret pictograms on Vimeo and then complete the activities below.


To test yourself further, with statistics work, please access LbQ (, with the code:y x f v. Task 1 is reasonably straightforward, but Task 2 is a challenge!


Whole Class Reading/English

Please read the Demon Dentist Extract below, then answer the questions. We will discuss the answers at the Teams Meeting at 12.30pm.


History (Thursday AND Friday)

Today (and yesterday!), we are thinking about the legacy of the Romans. This means what they have left us, what they taught us and what is still around these days, because of the Romans.


Now I would like you to spend today researching and presenting your findings, explaining the legacies of the Romans. It may be on paper or on the computer. Take care with presentation and make your work look attractive and inviting for the reader, as well as containing all the key information.




Each day, this week, I would like you to spend time on this site Learn Touch Typing Free - TypingClub, to practise your Touch Typing skills. With regular practice, this will help you to speed up and become a more effective typist! Please let me know how you are getting on.

Please feel free to develop your Coding skills at Code for Life - Rapid Router