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Home Learning Activities

Wednesday 12th January


Watch the Numberblocks clips- 

What did you see the Numberblocks doing?

Generate a discussion about the Stampoline patterns. What did the children notice?

Let’s see if we can make our own Stampoline patterns for Four!

(See Stampoline resource provided)

Then, model making your own Stampoline of 4 squares.

Is this a Stampoline for Four? How do you know?

Can anyone make a different one?

Is it still 4? How do you know?

Generate a discussion around the Stampoline patterns the children have made.





Using the images provided-orally sound out the images with your child e.g. c-a-t.

Ask the children to write the words for each picture. 




Thursday 13th January 




Look at the PowerPoint, go through the slides. 


Use the activity sheet provided-ask your child to write the words-chip and chick.


Recap the reception words. 




Discuss with your child your morning routine, what do you do?  What do you do first? What do you do next? Explain that we are going to be looking at some instructions for how to brush your teeth. 


Watch the video clip- 


Activity-order the 'tooth-brushing' images. 

Friday 14th January


Maths-Using the resource provided.


Today we’re going to make Stampoline patterns for Five! Would anyone like to start?

.Ask the children for suggestions of ways to make 5, encouraging them to use spatial language to describe the Stampolines they are creating. 

How can we use numbers to describe this Stampoline pattern?

Use the stem sentence: _____ and _____ make 5 altogether.

Can we show this on our fingers?



Recap yesterday's digraph 'ch'. Can you remember anything with a 'ch' sound in it? cheese, chocolate, chips.

Look at the 'sh' PowerPoint. Emphasise the 'sh' sounds in the words.


Activity-Buried Treasure activity (See resource)

Activity-'sh' phoneme frame. Can you write the 'sh' words?




Recap 'Words of the Week'. 



Recap the 'toothbrushing' activity from yesterday. What things do we need to brush our teeth? Create a list of the things we need and draw pictures to go with them. e.g. sink, tap, water, toothbrush, toothpaste.