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How we teach

How the National Curriculum for Computing is delivered at Salesbury

Starting with the National Curriculum expectations for primary age children, we split the content into three areas, in which we teach the children: to be safe; to develop their Computer Science skills and to use Information Technology creatively. We began use of the ‘Teach Computing’ scheme in Autumn 2020.



Each Class teacher has a file, which is updated on an on-going basis with resources, ideas and suggestions for covering the key objectives for each year group. The staff then ensure they balance teaching the specific computing skills, with allowing the children regular experiences of using technology to support other subjects in the curriculum. Staff are expected to use a high quality of questioning throughout, with Blooms taxonomy being a guide for the type of activities to be used.

The curriculum is revisited throughout the children’s time at school and allows teachers the chance to take risks, be creative, be flexible and allow the children to take ownership of their learning, using technology. We aim to allow the children to access ‘real life’ activities that are purposeful and allow clear progress to be made.


Non-negotiables in Computing

  • All children should have regular access to Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Being safe online must be taught and reinforced on a very regular basis.
  • Children must access technology such as PCs, chromebooks, iPads, (LbQ Tablets in KS2) etc and ‘unplugged’ computing activities on a regular basis, as determined by the curriculum and plans. This may be in blocks of a few days at a time, or spread over a longer period on a weekly basis.
  • Children must be given the opportunity on a regular basis to choose the hardware eg. chromebook and software eg. Microsoft Word to carry out the task they have been given.
  • Homework Grids must include a computing activity three times each year.