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Mercury - Year 3 / 4

Welcome to Mercury!

Year 3/4

Summer Term 2020

Hello! My name is Mr Kellington. I am the Deputy Headteacher at Salesbury CE Primary School and Class Teacher of Mercury, a Year 3/4 Class. I have taught at four primary schools over the last 20 years and been here at Salesbury for about 13 years. I love helping to lead the school, along with Mrs Berryman and the Senior Leadership Team, and helping children fulfil their potential, as a teacher.


I enjoy working with the staff to offer the children memorable learning experiences in Year 3 and 4, to prepare the pupils for the future!


We have a number of adults who support our learning:


Mr Kellington is the Class Teacher.

Mrs Howell-Jones teaches the children for one day a week.

Mrs Woodruff, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Noble and Ms Bleazard work as Teaching Assistants in supporting the children.

Mr Towler is our Class Governor.


If you would like to contact me, please don't hesitate to call school or email me at


Remote Learning Daily Activities

Please see lower down the page for on-going home learning activities and countless other links and activities to support our learning. 

Summer Term Mini Timetable


Please make sure full PE kit is in school everyday!

Monday: Sportscool Lunchtime Sport Session

Tuesday: Choir Practice, Hymn Practice, PE 


Thursday: Spelling Test, PE

Friday: High 5, Tables Tests (when set)

Mercury Class Motto 2019/20

Activities, Resources and Links for Use at Home

For the following tasks:

Username: student17843

Password: salesbury

Times Tables Tests Question Sheets (similar to those we read aloud from in class)

Times Tables Tests Blank Answer Sheets

Times Tables Practice

Here are a selection of times tables tests. WARNING: They are faster than we do in class!! Feel free to practise these at home to improve your rapid recall of your multiplications and divisions.

In Test One, question 3 is incorrectly given as 24. The correct answer is 28.

Two Times Table Test 1 to 20

Three Times Table Test 1 to 20

Four Times Table Test 1 to 20

Five Times Table Test 1 to 20

Six Times Table Test 1 to 20

Seven Times Table Test 1 to 20

Eight Times Table Test 1 to 20

Nine Times Table Test 1 to 20

Ten Times Table Test 1 to 20

Eleven Times Tables Test 1 to 24

Twelve Times Tables Test 1 to 24

Mixed Times Table Test One 1 to 40

Mixed Times Table Test Two 1 to 40

Mixed Times Table Test Three 1 to 40

Mixed Times Table Test Four 1 to 40