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We will be having a 1960s/1970s theme day. This will be in November - the exact date will be confirmed nearer the time. We would love children to dress up in clothes inspired by one of these decades. Maybe children could research fashion from these decades and plan their own outfit?! Or even make their own?!


This week we have been learning about The Romans and the clothes that they wore. We had fun making our own Roman helmets.

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's homework this week especially the visits to museums. Thank you for all your hard week.

Next week - we start testing our times tables. I will post the timetable of the week on the website. WE start on Friday with the two times table. Year 3 is such a big year for learning the times tables ready for the Year 4 tables test next year.

Have a great weekend everyone

Friday news post - 8th October 2021

Our Lead Learner this week is Max - for his many light bulb moments in Maths and English.


Harry was our star writer for taking on feedback to improve his writing.


Super spelling today Rainbow - everyone either maintained their score or improved on it from last week. We can really tell how much effort you are all putting in at home. Thank you.


The children also tried hard with their 2 times tables today too. Knowing their times tables is such a vital skill that will really help them in their Maths work. Please keep practising! Next week's test is on the 5 times tables..


Happy weekend team Rainbow

Belated Friday news (Sorry I fell asleep!) - 15/10/21


Izzy is our Lead Learner this week for showing real resilience in her writing. She did so well that she is also our Star Writer this week too However, a special mention goes to Thomas and William for doing a great job with their Roald Dahl Biography.


We are turning our focus to our local Hero Patrick Grant in our Recount Biography work next week. So, if any of the children want to research him on their Chrome Books before Monday then that would be great.


Speaking of Chrome Books - PLEASE PLEASE can you make sure that your child knows how to type a capital S by themselves? We still have a handful of children who cannot login to their own device without help.


Times Tables that will be tested next week is the 10 times tables.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!