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Mission in Action

How we live out our Mission in English

Communication is the key to living out our mission statement. We hope a rich, engaging English curriculum will be the platform children will use to make a difference and be the change they hope to see.

Immersing children in rich literature, we believe, will open many doors and opportunities inviting aspirations, highlighting fine role models leading to successful learners who can communicate to many audiences for many differing purposes.

The Bible is a rich source of literature in its own right – of poetry, of proverb, of adventure; a collection of writing from differing authors. We will use this source to inspire, to enjoy and to guide.

Its teachings also guide us in how we should use our language to engage with each other. Our communication should be "good for edification." so as to build up.

It should meet the need of the moment and be effective. It should also "give grace to those who hear it".  Our words should be a gift. They should bless those who hear.