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Monday 11th January 2021


We are looking at place value and sequences this week. Today we are focusing on rules of sequences. Today's lesson will be a live lesson on Microsoft Teams at 9:30am.


1. Complete todays' 5 a day (Spring 1 Week 2 Monday - below).

2. Mrs Shaw has created some Hands on Maths tasks.  Work through one slide a day.  

3. Todays lesson is on the Powerpoint below. Follow it through and email the work to your teacher when complete.

If you missed the live lesson, you can log into Teams using your child username and password and watch a recording of the lesson.


Today we begin our Live English lesson at 11:00am on Teams.  Mr Bird will be teaching the lesson and will go through all the tasks with you.  You can view the Powerpoint below and if you have missed the live lesson you cans still access it through Teams.  


Once you have completed your writing you need to read Chapter Two.  There is a video of the chapter below.  You will need to pause it to read the pages.  We will be using this chapter in our work on Tuesday.  

Chapter 2

Still image for this video


This week I would like you to practise these 10 words from the Year 5/6 word list.  These words are tricky and do not follow the usual spelling rules.  Remember to use the strategies we use in class to help you to learn the words.  












The History of Electricity and How Electricity is made

1. Watch this video about  the history of electricity.

Make notes whilst watching.

Make a short factfile about the history of electricity from your notes.

Write paragraphs with subheadings.


2. How is electricity made?

Make a small powerpoint presentation or document after watching this video.

Include a list of items and appliances in your house that use electricity, in your powerpoint.

Design and Technology

1. Watch the first video on this webpage (Electrical Circuits and Symbols)

See how much you learn about circuits.


2. Watch this video about games made at school or at home using circuits:


3. Start thinking about a game that you could make that involves questions and correct or incorrect answers shown using circuits.