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Monday 12th July 2021

Teams Meeting 11am Today!


Good morning, children!


I hope you all had a great weekend!


Thank you very much for all the work you sent me, last week. Super efforts! Just one more day, then we’re back in class tomorrow, for Sports Day – and much more!


Please attend the online meeting and work through the tasks below. Don't forget to email me your work to:


Today, we have Mathematics, Reading, English, RE and History/Art & Design/DT!




We are working on Position and Direction, today!


Y3/4: Please watch the video at the link Sum4.11.4 - Describe movement on a grid on Vimeo and then complete the activities below. You need a really good understanding of co-ordinates. We have covered these in class and the video really helps. Pause and stop it as much as you need, to make sure you know what you are doing!

Table 2: Please watch the video at the link Sum2.3.5 - Describe movement on Vimeo and then complete the activities below.


For extra position and direction practice, head to Code for Life - Rapid Router and pick up where you left off!


Whole Class Reading


Join the Teams Meeting at 11am and watch me read the rest of the Mouse Bird Snake Wolf story. I will then ask you to create a story board, showing the key events of the story. Why not watch the first half of the book on the video in the Video Resource Centre?




Please complete the Demon Dentist task below.


Please make sure you learn your Spellings for the final test on Friday!


RE (set by Mrs Howell-Jones!)


Watch this video:


Answer these questions :   

  1. Where and How do Hindus pray ?
  2. How would you describe their Gods ?
  3. There is only one God for Hindus but Gods can show many different qualities  - how would a Hindu choose which God to worship?
  4. What questions do you have about how Hindus pray after watching this video ? List as many questions as you can 


History/Art/DT Mini Project!


We read a myth, last week, that mentioned the Trojan Horse. Do you remember it? We acted out what happened after, on the playground. Today, we have a very creative task for you!


I would like you to research the horse that was built and record your findings. Also, if you have the materials (paper/cardboard/lego/wood(?) etc) try and make a 3D version, or draw/paint/create it on paper (2D). Feel free to complete this task on a computer, too!


Have fun!