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Monday 15th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Fractions. You will need five strips of paper all the same length. Leave one strip of paper whole. Fold one in half. Fold one in quarters. fold one in eighths. Fold one in thirds. Remember a fraction has a numerator and a denominator. Label each strip, then compare and discuss what the fractions look like. (Keep your five strips of paper for tomorrow and Wednesday.) See photo below.

Maths main. Place value. Complete the activity Make it Balance. Look at the pan balances in the pictures. Work out how many of each mass is needed to make the scales balance. Follow this link; or see PowerPoint below.

Guided Reading. Our theme this week is Up, Up Away! Watch and enjoy the short film, Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore:
Watch again up to 4:33 mins.
Think about verbs that could describe how the man is moving/flying in the storm and how the books are flying later on, e.g. twirling, swirling, tumbling. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms (words with a similar meaning) for your words. Or use the online thesaurus at: Write these synonyms down.

English. Create an ‘ing’ poem about flying using some of the verbs you have explored.

Start off by describing what happened to Mr Lessmore at the start of the clip, e.g. how he was flying, not through choice and in a dangerous way. Next, move on to describing the books flying in the air, e.g. they are purposeful and elegant. Write your poem out neatly and decorate it with pictures of flying books around it. See PowerPoint below for an  example of an "ing"poem.

Science. Mini-beast hunting and classification. (This project will run all week.) Choose a patch of ground to explore and dig. Observe the min-beasts within the habitat and complete a tally sheet. See PowerPoint below.