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Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning, Mercury!


I hope you enjoyed the weekend and are looking forward to accessing our latest Remote Learning activities, this week!


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.


I am in school today, so please note I may not be able to respond quickly to emails.




Enjoy today’s Story Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Learn and revise your spellings for the test on Thursday (as seen on the Class Web Page at subject, subtract, submit, anticlockwise, anticlimax, antidote, automatic, autobiography, autograph.

Mrs Murphy’s group continue with your words from the HFW List below.


Year 4/Year 3

Focus theme: Inspirational People!

This week you will be exploring people who inspire us. Delve into facts and find out why these people are inspirational. You’ll also have a chance to think about who inspires YOU and make your own ‘Inspiration Book’.

  • Read and enjoy the opening extracts below, from the following books in a series by Kate Pankhurst about several inspirational women.
  • As you read, note down unfamiliar vocabulary and use a dictionary/thesaurus, e.g. to find out what new words mean.
  • Select two or three of your favourite texts read today. Create some charts showing key information and/or mind maps. For example, you could scan the texts to find important dates and create a chart such as the one below.



Eugenie Clark









Fascinating Facts



Alternatively, you might create a mindmap, like below, showing the information from one inspirational person.


Table 2

Focus text: The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

This week, we will find out about the postman/lady and what job they do to help us. We will consider how a letter or card can get from your house to the recipient’s house and the journey it takes. We will also meet The Jolly Postman to find out who he delivers the post to and finally, write your own letters and postcards to post to a friend or relative.

  • Talk to an adult about the postman/lady being someone who helps us. Think about: Do you know what job they do? Can you spot them coming down the street? What do they wear? What happens when they come to your door? What do they bring? How do they travel?
  • Watch Postman – Rhymes on Profession and discuss some of the vocabulary, such as profession, roam, plight, inform, etc.
  • Draw a picture of a postman/lady and write down some of the things they bring/do/ wear, e.g. My postman wears a red uniform. He carries a big bag full of letters and bills. They have to read the address to check the mail gets to the right person.
  • Check for capital letters and full stops. Can you include a sentence that uses ‘and’ and a sentence that uses ‘but’?



Today’s work:

Y4:  Count up to find a price difference.

Y3:  Count in 4s and 8s.

Table 2: Finding the answers to problems involving division using grouping.


Please work through the activity document files – either by looking at the screen and writing the answers down or by printing off the sheets. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you look through the sheets before you begin, so you can find the answers, extra support materials and the different levels of task - Mild (easier) and Hot (harder). There may also be activities to work with somebody else on. If there is a PowerPoint Presentation, then watch this first, listening to the teaching at the same time. All the answers are provided.


Other Activities for the Week

  • Temperature: Ask an adult for a thermometer and measure the temperature outside at the same time each day. Do this for 5 days. Draw a graph with the x and y axis, as we do in class. Label the axes suitably eg. ‘Days of the Week’ and give the graph a suitable title. Work with an adult to judge how high the ‘y’ axis needs to be, as in the highest temperature recorded and then plot the temperatures with an ‘x’ each day, or use a bar chart, as we have done in class - make sure the width of the bars are the same for all days! Try reading through the PowerPoint Presentation below if you need a bit of help.
  • Bird survey: Carry out a bird survey in your garden or within the local area over a day/week.  Keep a tally chart of the types of birds you see, then create a graph to present your results.  You can then produce questions to match your graph. Again, try reading through the PowerPoint Presentation below if you need a bit of help.
  • Complete the Times Tables Bonanza worksheet, below.
  • Spend time working on the Times Tables websites listed on the Class Web Page and then work through the tests you need to do, also listen on this page to me reading questions out. Have a go at Times Tables Rockstars!
  • Sing a song a day at Select Week 8 and then the correct day of the week eg. Monday is Coordination Funk and Tuesday is Make a Difference.
  • Have a go at today’s PE Activity from Lancashire School Games: