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Monday 18th January

Maths Were are focusing on co-ordinates this week.

Download the files below to find out about the important vocabulary and techniques for reading and recording co-ordinates in the first quadrant.

There will be a teams meeting with Mr. Bird at 9:30am.

The meeting will also be recorded.


1. 5 a day

2. Hands on maths

3. The task for today is to print out and play battle ships with a partner.

Please email a picture of your written on battleship sheets to your teacher.


Task 1 - Complete the modal verb quiz. To access the quiz you need to go to Microsoft Teams, UKS2 and in the chat there is a link to the quiz.  You cannot start the quiz until 10:00am.  

Task 2 - Join our live lesson at 11:00am to learn more about modal verbs. We will be using them to create a poem today based on the story: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Our powerpoint resource is below and the lesson will be recorded and available in the Chat afterwards. 



Thinking about the suffix '-fer' you need to complete the activity on the LBQ site.  The code for the spelling is: ogz

If you find you are struggling with some of the words, write them down and then practise those throughout the week.

Science Switches and Electrical Conductors and Insulators

Read the document below for today's lesson.

Make a circuit with switches that control lights in a house.

Test objects to see if they are conductors or insulators.