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Monday 18th May


At 9:30am the author of the book 'Lost Words' is on the radio blogging site (link below).  This site is for you and has been written and created by teachers.  It includes games and quizzes and it's a chance to listen and engage with authors. 


This week we are look at shapes and angles.  

1 - Complete the number of the week activity below. The answers are on the link below the activity.  

2 - Log onto My Maths and complete the lesson and homework activity labelled 'parts of a circle'.  Remember to complete all parts of the lesson. 
3 - Complete the Reasoning Task below.  Remember to watch the video first.  


This week you will have the opportunity to explore, design and create your own robot!

Today you are going to explore robots!
Watch, enjoy and find out how robots can be used in these clips. As you watch and read, collect and discuss some of the technical vocabulary.
Nat Geo Kids – Fun Facts About Robots

Five Robots that are Changing Everything

Controlling Physical Systems

National Geographic Kids -Robots

Link below

After watching the film clips and reading the material, discuss with a family member the many ways in which robots can help/are used. Write these uses in a chart or list like this:


Ways in which robots can help us


Send your completed chart to Mrs Smallshaw - thank you! 


Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  You are continuing to practise and work on the Year 5/6 words. 

The code for the lesson is:xsp

Learning Lounge Learning


This week we are focusing on telling the time. 

1 - Complete the number of the week activity below.  The answers are under the activity link so you can check them at the end.

2 - Log onto LBQ and complete the Time Vocabulary lesson.  The code you need is: xsp


The challenges for this week include watching different film clips, exploring three versions of The Elves and the Shoemaker story, and writing responses each day.

Watch and enjoy the film Caterpillar Shoes together:


Watch the film again and write down the types of shoes the caterpillar wears and who he gives them to. Pause the film when needed so you can write them down.

Then write sentences, e.g. The caterpillar gave his … to the … so …

Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.

Now hunt for all the shoes in your house and make a list, e.g.
- school shoes
- trainers
- flip flops
- slippers

- walking boots
Write a sentence about each type of shoe in your house, who wears them and for what, e.g. My Dad wears walking boots when he goes out hiking.
I wear flip flops when I go on holiday.
My sister wears trainers when she goes running.


Include the conjunction ‘when’ in each sentence to join the ideas together. You could switch each sentence around so that the sentence begins with ‘when’, e.g. When my sister goes running, she wears trainers.

How many sentences can you write about shoes in your house?  Aim for five, but can you beat that?

Send Mrs Smallshaw your sentences about shoes. 


Complete the lesson on LBQ site.  You are continuing to practise common words.  The code for the lesson is: xsp


Read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes and discuss your book.  This can be any book of your choice.