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Monday 18th May

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Solve scaling problems. Mrs Yarwood has been give a recipe that makes a cake for 8 people. See photo below. But I want to make a cake for 16 people. How can I solve the problem? Write a recipe for 16 people.

Maths main. Shape and angles. Match each shape to the clue in the activity below called Shape Problem. Remember a pentagon has 5 sides and a right angle is a square corner.

Guided Reading. Shoes. Watch and enjoy the film Caterpillar Shoes together:
Watch the film again and write down the types of shoes the caterpillar wears and who he gives them to. Pause the film when needed so you can write them down.
Then write sentences, e.g. The caterpillar gave his … to the … so …
Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation.

English. Shoes. Now hunt for all the shoes in your house and make a list, e.g.
- school shoes
- trainers
- flip flops
- slippers

- walking boots
Write a sentence about each type of shoe in your house, who wears them and for what, e.g.
My Dad wears walking boots when he goes out hiking.
I wear flip flops when I go on holiday.
My sister wears trainers when she goes running.
Include the conjunction ‘when’ in each sentence to join the ideas together. You could switch each sentence around so that the sentence begins with ‘when’, e.g. When my sister goes running, she wears trainers.
How many sentences can you write about shoes in your house? Aim for five but can you

beat that? Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation.

Computing. Comic Flick Book (A mini mission to build your computational thinking skills). 

Cut, fold and staple paper into a little flick book. Then plan what you want to happen in your animation. Break this down into steps for the drawings on each page. Draw all the pictures - keep them simple. Flick through the sequence of individual images to see your animation. What other animations can you create?