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Monday 18th May

Good morning

Here are today's activities:


Please print out the letterhead attachment and write the 'welcome letter for the new reception child (Y5) or nursery child (Y4)', as outlined in the Activity Grid, by Friday.

Replace a couple of English lessons or afternoon activities, in order to get this completed. Please write on the paper and then scan and email it to me - bird@salesbury.lancs.sch.ukKeep it really, really neat! Thank you.


Maths - This week sees a focus on fractions for Year 4 and Time and Converting Measures for Year 5. 

There are some My Maths tasks and some LBQ tasks to do. Do not forget to go through the complete lesson on My Maths, before doing the homework tasks.


Year 4: My Maths - Finding Fractions, Fractions Golf is a tricky extension game.

Year 5: My Maths - Time 2


English: See attached plans

Year 4: Read a lot of facts and watch a video about Yeti / Bigfoot, before creating an information poster for children.

Year 5: Watch a video and read facts about the Titanic. Create a 'True or False' game with answers and explanations of facts.


LBQ: Y4 Expand Noun Phrases

Y5 Revision of Y3/4 Word Classes

Code: ayq


Read to an adult for 15 minutes.


Complete a task from the Activity Grid.


Have a lovely day.