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Monday 1st March


Today we are learning how to multiply pairs of proper fractions. There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30am.

The powerpoint and tasks to complete are below.

You also need to complete your Hands on Maths and 5 A Day tasks. 


Today we will be learning to develop a word bank of descriptive vocabulary about space.  We will use these banks of words when we plan our story tomorrow and write it on Wednesday and Friday. Our lesson will be on Teams at 11:15am.

There are a series of space images on a word document for you to use to develop descriptive phrases and sentences.  


Complete the next suffix task on the LBQ site. Today's focus is 'ough'.  The code for the task is: ng2f


Day and Night, Earth's Rotation

Watch the following videos:

BBC Two - Stargazing, Series 2, Stargazing Challenge: Earth, Sun and Moon Orbits (KS2)

Day and Night 

Earth's Orbit of the Sun

With the help with others in your household. Create a video showing, or simply physically demonstrate  why we have day and night.

The Sun should be bending and stretching and waving its arms to represent solar activity. The Earth to rotate slowly anticlockwise whilst also walking slowly anticlockwise around the Sun. Then the moon needs to be added. Explain that the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth so they have to orbit the ‘Earth’ walking sideways so they always face towards it. Explain the words: orbit, rotate, axis, facing the sun etc.





Then, to see what you have learned,  work through this LBQ task:



Code: ng2f