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Monday 22nd June

Good morning Mars Class!

Today we begin our new focus for the next four weeks, entitled:

All Creatures Great and Small!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Place value. Draw a place value grid on a piece of paper. Think of the number three hundred and fifteen. Draw counters to represent the number of hundreds, tens and ones. See example in photo below. Now draw five more place value grids and fill them with counters to represent the following numbers:

four hundred and twenty-five

two hundred and ninety-seven

five hundred and forty-three

seven hundred and sixteen

nine hundred and seventy-eight

Maths main. Mental calculations. Sometimes it is more efficient to find a difference by counting up rather than using a written method. Use counting up on number lines to calculate the following differences. Complete the activity Find Differences by Counting Up. See PowerPoint below.

English. As the start of our ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ focus, the next two week’s English work is all about the spiders and the famous Anansi.

Today I would like you to find out about the spider Anansi. Use books or the internet to discover where they originated, where the word ‘Anansi’ comes from and anything else you can. Create a small poster showing what you have learnt.

Science: Living things and their habitats. Watch and talk through the life cycle of a spider with an adult, using correct science vocabulary. Create diagrams to assist your explanations. What can you find out about spiders?  Do some research and present what you have learned in any way you like. Create a diagram to explain the life cycle of a spider.  Make sure your explanations are really clear.  Think carefully about the words you need to use.