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Monday 22nd June

Hello Jupiter

These are the activities for today:


LBQ: The Difference Between Plural and Possessive s

Code - puf

View the film Hunted on Vimeo

  • Discuss the title of ‘Hunted’. Ask the children to give reasons why the film makers might have selected that as a title.
  • Pose questions e.g. Who is being hunted? Why? What happens?
  • Use a dictionary to look up the definition of ‘hunt’ and develop a word bank of synonyms by using a thesaurus e.g.
  • chase, pursue, stalk, follow, track, trail, hound, search.
  • Model and develop sentences, linked to the film clip, using the verbs and synonyms collected. These could be used to create a simple poem, e.g.

The hunter searches for the boy

He trails the boy

He follows the boy

He stalks the boy

He chases the boy

He finds the boy

Read this book to someone:

Maths: Try a set of questions from Week 4, Day 1



Living things and their habitats – spiders -  

Children can talk through the life cycle of a spider using identified science vocabulary and create diagrams to assist their explanations.


Have a great day!