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Monday 22nd November

Good Morning!


I didn't think we would be doing this for a little while, but here we are! I hope you are well! 

Your learning today involves Maths, Reading, Spelling, English/History and PE.  All your instructions and learning points are listed below, along with links and documents that you'll need. 

Please email me the work you complete:

Thank you and take care smiley

Mrs Smallshaw 


1 - Work through slide one of 5 A Day. 

2 - Watch the video on this link and work through the lesson slides.  You are familiar with these as we use them in class.  Aut6.8.3 - Equivalent fractions on Vimeo

I am also attaching the teaching slides below if the video does not work. 

3 - Complete the Maths tasks on the sheet below.  I will post the answers at lunchtime so you can find your green pen and mark your work. smiley


1 - Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: 6br8

2 - Read a chapter, or two, from your FBA book. 


Today we are going to carry out lots of research about John Lennon - search 'John Lennon fact for kids'.  We know he was a member of the Beatles and we did learn lots about him on our school trip so use the knowledge you have alongside your research.  Just as you did with Charles Darwin, you need to research and gather lots of notes about him.  Areas to think about are:  Why he is famous, Early Life, Later Life, Key Influences. 

We will be boxing up all our notes tomorrow so do gather plenty of bullet points.  Remember to write notes, rather than sentences and use different sources as sometimes information can be invalid/mis-leading. 


Please practise and learn 6 spellings from the spelling list below.  Remember to use strategies that we would in class: speed write, trace, pyramid write, rainbow write, write a mnemonic - Big Elephants Can Always Use Small Ears


Task One:  Go outside and warm up.  Practise you running, jumping, skipping and hopping.  Think about the skills we practised with Coach Lee and see if you can refine your movements. 

Task Two: Find five objects that you can throw and create a target area.  You need to practise underarm and overarm throwing, throwing your five objects at your target, first underarm and then overarm.  When your aim is accurate, move further away from your target to challenge yourself.  See how far away from your target you can get when throwing both underarm and overarm.  You should find you are further away from your target when throwing overarm.