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Monday 24th January

Complete one slide from the 5 A Day powerpoint. 


Work through the Maths slides, or watch this videoAut6.12.3 - Fractions of an amount on Vimeo and complete the activities on the sheet attached.  Mark your answers afterwards.   There is also a task on LBQ to have a go with too.  Remember to simplify your fractions if the questions asks you to. The code for the lesson is: 


1 - Read your FBA book, or a book of your choosing for 10 minutes.

2 - Complete the reading task on the LBQ site.  


Log onto and complete the tasks that have been set.


The firefighters are due to visit us today at 11:00am. 

I am going to look at setting up a Teams link so you can see and hear what they have to say.

I will email the link in the morning to the address you have used to send in your work.