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Monday 25th January


Mr Bird will be teaching our lesson on Teams at 9:30am.  Today we are learning about negative numbers in context. 

If you miss the lesson, you can download it from the Teams posts within the UKS2 group, and the powerpoint is below. 


Task One: 5 a day (ppt below)

Task Two: Hands on Maths (ppt below)

Task Three: Complete the task on the LBQ site. The code for the lesson is: yfh


Easier: Interpret Negative Numbers

Harder: Use Negative numbers


Extension: Flash Harry (see below)


This week we begin a new unit of work.  We are going to learn to read and write 'Explanations' over the next couple of weeks.  This week we are going to learn about the features of explanations, research renewable and non-renewable energy and work on making a glossary.  Next week you are going to plan, write, edit and redraft your own explanations. 


Our lesson today is on Teams at 11:00am with Mr Bird. The powerpoint and resources that you'll need are below. 


Complete the suffix task on the LBQ site.  Today you are practising the suffix -ance. The code for the lesson is: yfh


Today, we are learning about series and parallel circuits.

1. Find out about these circuits by clicking on the link below:


2. Read the page, before trying to make both a series circuit and then a parallel circuit.

Use these this webpage:



3. Please email a screenshot of each circuit you make. Type a sentence to tell me the difference in brightness between the two circuits.


Can you discover the difference between the two circuits?