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Monday 29th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Place value. Learn how to compare and order numbers up to 1000. Draw a place-value grid and fill it with counters to represent the number six hundred and thirty-seven. Now record six different ways of partitioning this number. See example in photo below. Repeat with the number eight hundred and fifty-nine.

Maths main. Fractions. Complete the activity Find The Missing Number. Use counters to find the missing numbers in the calculations. Study the example carefully. Click on the link:

Or see the PowerPoint below.

English. The apostrophe ('). Remember we learnt how to use an apostrophe for the omitted letter when a verb is contracted (shortened) for example, I'm (I am). Now we are going to learn how to use an apostrophe to indicate possession (show belonging). 

Complete the Possessive Apostrophes for Singular Nouns question set on the LbQ site. This code will work until 6pm on this date.

The code you need is: pet

Music. Sing a song called As One at  

Select the group of songs called In it together, then select the song As One. Have fun singing along, knowing that somewhere your classmates are singing along to the exact same song. You could even ring your friends up and sing it together over the phone!