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Monday 29th June

Hello and welcome back after the weekend.

Here are today's activities:



English: Revision of Y3/4 Punctuation

Code: mck


My Maths: Year 4 - Frequency Tables and Bar Charts

Year 5 - Real Life Graphs 


English: Day 1 from the plan

Year 4 - The Water Cycle
Today you are going to be reading and watching various explanations of the water cycle.

Imagine that you are a water droplet. You are going to write a description of what happens to you during the water cycle.


Year 5 - Find out about the Solar System by reading Planetarium Junior Edition by Raman Prinja and National Geographic Kids – The Solar System. Listen to a rap about the Solar System before creating your own.


Read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes. Complete a spelling mat.



Draw a map of the world.  Colour the land green and the waters blue.

Add on the names of the continents.  Add the names of two seas/oceans.

Add the name of somewhere you have visited or would like to visit.

Have an outstanding day.