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Monday 29th November

Good Morning 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Here is your learning for today.  I look forward to seeing you all back this week. 


1 - Work through day one of 5 A Day. 

2 - Watch the video on this link and work through the lesson slides.  You are familiar with these as we use them in class. Aut6.9.3 - Compare and order (denominator) on Vimeo

I am also attaching the teaching slides below if the video does not work. 

3 - Complete the Maths tasks on the sheet below.  I have also posted the answers. 

4- There is a further Maths task on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: bw97


1 - Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: bw97

2 - Read two chapters from your FBA book. 


Today I would like you to publish your biography about John Lennon and create a 'Double Page Spread'. 

This means that you need to publish your writing and make it creative - adding images and drawings linked to John Lennon. Please bring your double page spreads into school when you return.  


Please learn the first six spellings from the list below.  Use the strategies we use in class to learn the first six rules.  


Task One:  Go outside and warm up.  Practise you running, jumping, skipping and hopping.  Think about the skills we practised with Coach Lee and see if you can refine your movements. 

Task Two: Continuing from last week, find five objects that you can throw and create a target area.  You need to practise underarm and overarm throwing, throwing your five objects at your target, first underarm and then overarm.  When your aim is accurate, move further away from your target to challenge yourself.  See how far away from your target you can get when throwing both underarm and overarm.  You should find you are further away from your target when throwing overarm.  Have you improved since last week?  See how many times you can hit the target in one minute.  

Now find a ball you can kick and practise kicking at a target.  How many goals can you score in one minute?