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Monday 30th March

Hello Mars Class. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here are the lessons for today. Please feel free to do them in any order.

Maths warm up: Subtract mentally a three-digit number and hundreds. Example 694-400. Use place value counters to solve this. Draw 694 counters on a place value grid then subtract (cross out) 400 to find the answer. Now draw a number line to show the same calculation. Repeat with other calculations such as 657 - 300 and 759 - 600.

Maths Main: Subtracting fractions with the same denominator. See activity sheet.

English: Introduction to shape poems. Write your own calligrams. See PowerPoint.

Guided Reading: The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith, chapter three. See slides of the text and comprehension questions.

Art: Explore drawing tutorials by the children's author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph. Choose from the selection and Rob will show you how to draw pictures from scratch. Just Visit: