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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning, Mercury!


I hope you have had a good weekend and are looking forward to accessing our latest Remote Learning activities.


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.


I am in school today, so please note I may not be able to respond quickly to emails.




Enjoy today’s Poetry Time from Please Mrs Butler at: and on facebook at 9am


Learn and revise your spellings for the test on Thursday (as seen on the Class Web Page at special; straight; strange; strength; suppose; surprise; therefore; though; although. Mrs Murphy’s group continue with your words from the HFW List below.



Y3/4/Table 2

Focus text: Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

This week is all about the character, Flat Stanley. He is a boy who becomes flat after a bulletin board falls on him in the night! Please note – some of the spellings within the story are American e.g. apologize instead of apologise.


  • Read together and/or listen on YouTube Chapter One - The Big Bulletin Board. Both links here:


Flat Stanley to read:  

Flat Stanley – version on YouTube (from start to 2:30 mins):


  • Discuss the story so far together and consider these questions:
  • What would it be like to be flat?
  • What would you do?
  • How would you feel?
  • What adventures would you have?
  • Write answers to these questions with your own ideas. Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation.


  • You could begin to think of ideas for your own story about being flat! Think about these ideas:
  • How might a new character become flat?
  • What would they do?
  • How would their family react?
  • What adventures might your new character have?



Y3/Y4/Table 2

This week we are going to be working on fractions on MyMaths.  Children often find fractions tricky, but if you work carefully through the slides on each lesson and have a go at the practise questions, you should be ok with the Homework Tasks.


I have set plenty of tasks for you to complete throughout the week. Don’t worry if you don’t get through them all. Please let me know of any problems and we’ll try and sort them! Please don’t worry and just do your best.


REMINDER:  To log on you need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the school username salesbury and password cosine87
  3. Once logged in there is a box on the right where you will enter your own personal user name and password (as seen on the email attachment which your parents received). 
  4. You will then see the lessons that you need to log into. 
  5. Complete the online lesson first and work through each slide. 
  6. Once complete, then work through the online homework task.



Other Activities

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Try the Geography activity below, which will support our work on compass directions.
  • Complete the French task below, on numbers.
  • Develop your online safety learning with the Computing activity below.