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Monday 5th July 2021

Teams Meeting 9am Today!

Good morning, children!


So here we are, again, working remotely from home! It's not ideal, but we must all stay safe and make the best of it. We'll all be back together next week and have a fantastic final few days in Topaz Class together. Tomorrow's Sports Day is being moved to next week, so don't worry about missing out.


Please attend the online meeting and work through the tasks below. Don't forget to email me your work to:


Today, we have Mathematics, Reading, English, History and Computing.



We are working on Statistics, this week!


Y3/4: Please watch the video at the link Sum4.7.1 - Interpret charts on Vimeo and then complete the activities below.

Table 2: Please watch the video at the link Spr2.5.2 - Make Tally Charts on Vimeo and then complete the activities below.


To test yourself further, with statistics work, please access LbQ (, with the code: 6z9v

Whole Class Reading


Do you remember last week, when we produced a Role on the Wall for Alfie, from the Demon Dentist book? We drew an outline of Alfie (including some amazing art work!) and then wrote our thoughts and feelings about him on the inside, then set out plenty of questions we had for him on the outside of the outline.


Well, today I would like you to do the same for the infamous Miss Root! Try and think hard about what she is really like and consider questions you have, for her, including the question starters: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?


I'm really looking forward to seeing your efforts!

English AND History!


We continue our work on the Romans, with a look at a lady mentioned on our Knowledge Organisers and who we have, briefly, talked about - the fearsome Queen Boudicca!


Please watch the following clips and the PowerPoint at the bottom and then produce a storyboard/cartoon strip (as we have done a couple of times recently), explaining the key events of Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans.


There are two clips at this link: How the Romans conquered Britain - BBC Bitesize entitled 'Find out why Queen Boudicca led a rebellion against the Romans' and 'What happened when Boudicca faced the Roman army?'


Also, feel free to use books from home or the internet to find out more. This work can be produced on paper or on a computer.





Each day, this week, I would like you to spend time on this site Learn Touch Typing Free - TypingClub, to practise your Touch Typing skills. With regular practice, this will help you to speed up and become a more effective typer! Please let me know how you are getting on.