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Wednesday 9th December

 English  Write a plan for the rest of the ghost diary account started yesterday.


 1st  Complete the sheet on modal verbs (below)


Below is a plan for the remainder of the retelling from the perspective of the ghost of Christmas past.


 2nd  Look at the pages of the book to help you plan – the images as well as the text help to conjure details.


 3rd Write a plan of retelling from perspective of chosen ghost.  Revisit the opener written yesterday in order to make sure that your plan begins at the end of this part.  Look at the story (images and text) to conjure detail.


Use a thesaurus whilst planning to aid word choice for Scrooge’s reactions.

Read over your sentences as you write them.



There are three LBQ tasks to try


Calculate Angles at Different Points

Measuring Angles

Recognise Vertically Opposite Angles (harder)


The code for the tasks will now be found on the Class Facebook page only.


Go to Facebook and find Tanzanite Class at Salesbury School, before requesting to join the group.

 Art  The weird buildings of Friedensreich Hundertwasser!


Have a look at these buildings designed by Friedrich Stowasser (Austria).


Choose a building to draw and decorate.


Draw the outline and then the main lines.


Add colour using crayons, pencil crayons, felt tips or paint.


See the pictures in the document below.