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Monday 7th December

 English  Interview with the ghost of...


 Starter   Complete the regular/irregular verbs worksheet (see below)


 1st   You are going to represent one of the ghosts from the story  (Choose either: the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present or the ghost of Christmas future). Look at copies of the text from ‘But as the darkness gathered’ to ‘It merged into his bed post before his very eyes.’ in order to remind yourselves of your ghost's own importance to the story and their specific actions / words.


 2nd   Plan an interview where you question your ghost about its actions, it took these actions and the impact these actions had upon Scrooge. (The ghost of Christmas future can speak during this activity). Each ghost will be explaining their role in the story and their opinion of it. Write down 7-10 questions for the ghost to answer. Use the question words: 'What', 'When', 'Where', 'Why', 'Who', 'How', as sentence starters.


 3rd  Write your interview drama with the aim of exploring the characters of the

ghosts, their intentions, actions and the results. You must write detailed results.

Set out the interview like this:

Me: 'What were you before you became a ghost?'

Ghost: 'In another life I was the protector of a mansion belonging to an old king. It was a position that I served well and I was well thought of by my master. I was loyal to him.'


Each answer must contain two sentences that you read aloud back to yourself. 


Remember, there is a great deal for the ghosts to discover within the interviews as each ghost was absent when the other two visited. Why do you think these ghosts visited Scrooge? And what was their motivation and hope for the visits? Ask children to explore these ideas within your interview. (Use to improve vocabulary)


Try the maths advent calendar challenge for 4th December (see previous page)

Today we are beginning 'angles'.


Complete an LBQ Task.

Identify, Compare and Order Acute and Obtuse Angles (easier) Task 1.

Estimate and Compare Acute, Obtuse and Reflex Angles (harder) Task 2.


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Practise Mental Arithmetic Skills

Print out one of the Maths Salamanders Files for Year 4, 5 or 6.