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Monday 8th February


This week we are looking at multiplication. Today's lesson is revision of long multiplication.

Mr. Bird will be on Teams from around 9:30am for a 'drop in' session. The main teaching is available to see on a very helpful and clear video to watch by clicking on the link below:


1 - Complete the timetable grid task as quickly as possible.  Put a timer on and see how quickly you can complete the task

2 - Choose from the questions (below) that are best suited to your ability with the formal written method for multiplication.

3 - Complete your 5 A Day. 


Task One

Please visit this site What are relative clauses? - BBC Bitesize and watch the clip about relative clauses.  You need to watch this before you complete todays work as it will help with your understanding.  

Task Two

Our lesson is on Teams at 11:00am.  We are going to use an image to look at relative clauses and adding more description to nouns.  Your task is to use the image to write a descriptive paragraph and include some relative clauses.  


Complete the next suffix task on the LBQ site. Today's focus is 'ency'.  The code for the task is: jw9g


This week we are going to revise and test your knowledge of our 'Electricity' topic.

Complete the work below to top up your understanding.