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Maths Tell your child you are going to play a game: the winner is the one who throws the most balls into the buckets.  Each player should throw the same number of balls or beanbags into the buckets (4 or 5 is ideal): record the score by counting how many landed in the buckets and make a tally chart of the results. You could play a new round each time, and create lots of tally charts or you could continue to build up one chart, depending on the number of balls you have available.  Talk about who has more or less balls in the buckets. Who has the highest score? Who has the lowest score?


English Create a picture using string and paint.  Dip the string in the paint until it is covered, arrange on the paper in a swirly pattern, then carefully pull on end off the bottom of the paper. The effects can be amazing. Change colour and repeat. Discuss the picture-does it remind you of anything? Create a label for your picture


Guided reading Continue reading your books and writing key vocabulary




Maths Sing Five Current Buns in a bakers shop and act out, giving pennies and current buns.  Discuss- How much one bun costs How much two buns cost. Three buns. How much money the baker has at the end? What you think he will do with the money he has? 


English Go on a ‘Well-Being Walk’-draw a picture of something you saw. Add labels to your picture. You may want to write a sentence to go with your picture.


Guided reading Continue reading your books and discussing the story




Maths Using natural materials (grass, flowers, pebbles) to make a symmetrical butterfly. Discuss what symmetry/symmetrical means. Here is a link to support symmetry.


English Draw a picture of your favourite memory of Neptune class.

Write about it. E.g. I liked it when ......


Guided reading Continue reading your books and predicting what might happen




Maths Using the ladybird template below (or make your own) and the number cards

Choose two number cards; put that amount of spots  (pasta, buttons, beads) on each half of the ladybird to make a number sentence. Model how to write the sentence e.g. 2+3=. Demonstrate adding the two amounts together to find the total. Repeat with different numbers.


English/Guided Reading  Listen to the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ by John Burningham.

Ask your child...who wanted to get in the boat? Can you remember the order? Who got in first, next, last etc? Make predictions about what might happen next.

Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and label it. Why did you like that part the best? Your child could write a sentence too!




Maths  Number of the Week (See below)

Choose a number up to 20 in accordance to your child’s ability

Use a number line and objects to support.


English/Guided Reading  Watch “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” read by Eric Carle

What stages did the caterpillar go through in the story?

Can you draw a picture of the caterpillar at the beginning of the story and another of him at the end?  What is the difference?  Label each picture or have a go at writing a sentence to describe each picture