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Maths: How many objects can you put in the containers within 30 seconds/1 minute?

You will need: pincers/tweezers, small objects –pasta, pom-poms/beads/ buttons, egg cartons/yoghurt pots/cup. Set a 30 second or 1 minute timer. Using the pincers/tweezers, ask your child to fill the container with as many objects as they can within the time. At the end of the timer, ask your child to count the objects.


English/Guided Reading: Listen to the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’.  Here is the story. Some of the activities this week, will link to this story. Draw and label some of the things found in Billy’s bucket.



Maths: Create a large number line with chalk (weather permitting) or use large number cards so that your children can stand on the number line.

State a number for your child to start on. Ask them to jump on ‘one more’ from that number, to find one more than the number stated, or ask them to jump on 2, 3 or 4 more etc to find the answers to simple addition number sentences.


2+1=, 5+1=, 4+2=, 6+2=


English/Guided Reading:  Listen again to the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’.  Here is the story.

Discuss the story with your child to support understanding. Ask them to draw their favourite part of the story and label their drawing.



CREATIVITY DAY please complete the activities set by your new teacher after your Google Meet



Maths: Number of the Week (See below)

Choose a number up to 20 in accordance to your child’s ability

Use a number line and objects to support.


English: Using the Billy Bucket story from the previous few days and  to the tune of ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’, make up a verse (or more) about what they see in their ‘imaginary’ bucket. See the lyrics below along with inspiration, and then have a go at making up your own verse(s).



Maths Make several tens frames or print the ones below.  Ask your child to put 6 objects on the tens frame, one object per box. Fill up working left to right.  Repeat with, asking them to put 7 then 8 objects on the tens frame. ·Talk about the empty spaces: how many empty spaces are there on each grid. Ask them to point to the tens frame with 7 objects/8 objects, without the need for counting. Keep the ten frames and objects; we are going to be working on numbers 8,9,10 tomorrow. You could try drawing the tens frames on the floor outside and using sticks or stones


English Write a message in a bottle! 

You will need:

  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
  • Bottle (plastic, glass, any kind is fine) – if you don’t have one you can always just roll the message up in a scroll.


Write a message to someone you miss at school, maybe draw a picture too.  Take a photo of it then roll it up and put it in a bottle.  When we are all back together you can give it to that person.