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PE Activities

Here is a super resource from Lancashire School Games that sets out PE activities that can be done throughout the week.

These activities have been appearing on the school Facebook page for the last few weeks.

The activities are good because they cover some of the PE skills covered in the school curriculum. They also give refreshing ideas for exercise and healthy activity during lockdown.

Please have a look at the timetable and the internet link for the coming week. After a few minutes you will find you start to get a clearer understanding of the timetable and activities. There are a number of activities for each day, if you could manage one, that would be fantastic.

We hope you enjoy these resources and would be happy to hear of you enjoying some exhilarating and beneficial PE home learning.


Year 3-6 Timetable:


Year 3-6 

This week's learn resource is all about Creative dance, and creating a dance sequence with a travel, turn, jump and more movements.

Go for it!