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LO: Can I learn about changes that happen in life and the feelings associated with this?


Good afternoon everyone,


For today's PSHE lesson you will be learning about the kinds of change that happen in life and the feelings associated with this.


This about an example of when you might experience change, and identify what you can do to help manage the changes you will experience and how to manage feelings to help yourself feel better.


It is good to talk to someone about the change in your life, it is important to share and express your feelings about change or loss.


Go through the PowerPoint to help you learn more about change.


For your activity today, think about a change that is happening in your life (it could be the change of being in lock down and staying safe and healthy during the pandemic) and complete the action plan worksheet to help you think of ways to cope with the change. 


There is also a document to give you ideas of how to cope with change.