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Tips for Writing



When asking your child to write a word or sentence, please encourage them to orally ‘sound out’ each word, it does not matter if they cannot spell each word correctly. We really want to see the children using their phonic knowledge, rather than simply copying a word/sentence. In school we encourage the children to use a sound or word mat. These can be found below in the 'Resources for Writing' star. 


You could say to them: 'This word is a Tricky Witch word' or This is a word we can spell with the Black Cat sounds', or 'Let’s listen to the sounds in the word'.

Model breaking up the word for them orally e.g t-oo-k, sh-e, m-a-t. Which sounds did you hear me say? Which sound comes first? Let’s find that sound on our sound mat so we know what it looks like.

Useful writing resources