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Salesbury - a reading school!

World Book Day 2020 - The Great Salesbury Book Bake Off!

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Salesbury's Reading Spine 

This year we have launched our new Reading Spine across the school.  Our Spine is made up of a selection of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry books that we would like children to access in each year group.  This might be during shared reading or guided reading; it may be used as a class novel, read independently by the children or available in the book corner to browse throughout a topic.  Our spine can be found in our school library and reading activities linked to it will be carried out during the year.  

Reading Bookmarks 

Our Reading Bookmarks have been designed from our Reading Spine.  They include the fiction, non-fiction and poetry books that the children will read during the year and also include discussion prompts to support adults when talking to children about books.  Children are given a new bookmark each year as they progress on their journey through school.  

Reading Patron

For the past two years, our children have been very fortunate to work with author Jo Welch.  Jo became a Reading Patron for us in Autumn Term 2018 and has worked across the school with lots of children, promoting and sharing her love of reading.  Jo writes coding literature for children and has carried out various coding workshops across the school, resulting in children creating their own codes for their peers to solve. 

 The piece below gives further information about her visit in Spring Term 2019.  

Our Reading Patron

Jo has shared a piece with us below about what inspired her to become an author and how her love of reading blossomed and grew. 

Our Annual Reading Sleepover 

Our sleepover has now become an annual event for Year Five children in Autumn Term. 

The children shared their books with each other, read by torch light, carried out a book hunt, listened to their teachers reading to them and also created a green screen of their favourite book.  There was lots of laughter and enjoyment in the school, along with some pizza, juice and breakfast!  

Reading at Salesbury