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Saturn - Year 6

Latest edition of First News for you to read and enjoy. 

Welcome to Saturn!

Year 6


Hi, I'm Mrs Smallshaw, Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher, and I have one of the best jobs in the world!  (Well, I believe so).  No two days are ever the same and everyday brings something new!  I believe that if a class is willing to work hard they deserve to have plenty of fun too!  I like our classroom to be a space for practical, co-operative and investigative learning, and children are encouraged to ask lots of questions.  My favourite thing in the whole world is Reading!!!  I also enjoy leading our school Worship Group and Netball Team.  

Mrs Shaw, our Teaching Assistant, supports the children with their learning every morning.  She works with groups and individuals in our Guided Reading, Maths, Spelling  and English lessons.  

Mrs Melling also works in our classroom to support children with the learning.  

Mrs Howell-Jones and Mrs Bowen teach in our class on a Tuesday.  

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me: 


'Let all that you do, be done with Love'

1 Corinthians 16:14 

This is our class Bible quote that we regularly use and make reference to throughout the day.  The children can articulate its meaning and explain how we should put it into action.  

I Can't do it... YET!  


This is our learning motto and something we regularly discuss in the classroom.  It fits perfectly with our Growth Mindset ethos, as we strive to build and develop our Learning Powers.  We often talk about The Learning Pit and the different emotions we feel when we are in it.  In our lessons, children are encouraged to enter the Learning Pit and demonstrate Resilience.  They also strive to be Resourceful and Reflective, and show Reciprocity.   



Spring Two Mini Timetable


Monday: Spellings and Arithmetic sent out 

Tuesday:  Mrs Howell-Jones & Mrs Bowen in class 


Thursday: Sportscool Lunchtime Sport Session

Friday: Spelling Test, Arithmetic Test,Spelling Task & Homework due in, Gymnastics, Outdoor PE, High 5, 

Homework Grid Spring 1

Our Class Novels

February 2020

We have been reading the Hobbit and finding out about the adventures of Bilbo Baggins.  We've come across lots of new vocabulary and will begin studying this fantasy story in English over Spring Two.  

Next we will begin reading The Somerset Tsunami by Emma Caroll. 


January 2020

Today we have completed Skellig. We have been gripped to find out whether the baby survived, who Skellig was, where he came from and why he was sitting in Michael's garage.  The children have sketched their own interpretations of Skellig and written character descriptions.  

Next we will begin reading The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien. 


October 2019

We have just finished reading Clockwork.  This is a fairy tale with lots of twists and turns and Philip Pullman certainly knows how to keep us gripped and wanting more.  We enjoyed exploring the characters in our English lessons and have written our own endings to the story! 

Autumn Term Learning Door

Saturn Class Rules