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*Instructions for 1st and 8th February 2021*


Good afternoon children,


I really hope you have been enjoying our Science work, this term!


I am setting our final two sessions of this half-term’s ‘Switched On’ topic today, so you can work through it at your own speed and – most importantly – you need to use the light from the Sun – which cannot be guaranteed very much, at the moment!


Please work through the tasks and activities below over the next two weeks. There is plenty here, so please simply do your best and don’t worry if you can’t manage everything.


Firstly, please watch my introductory video in the Video Resource Centre (Topaz Class) entitled ‘1st Feb Science.’


We are hoping to: recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object; understand that the size of shadows can change, depending on where the light and blocking object are and be able to explain our key vocabulary


  • Investigation: Research what transparent, translucent and opaque mean. This clip includes a short explanation of transparent and opaque: Light - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize Go hunting round your house with a torch and test a wide variety of objects to find which they are. Make a table to show your results, then write what properties the objects have, to be transparent, translucent or opaque.


  • Watch this video about where light and shade come from: Where does light and shade come from? - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize
  • Watch this video clip showing Shadows clip in the real world, with a cracking soundtrack(!):
  • Investigation: Make a shadow by putting an object in front of a light shining on a plain wall. What happens when you move the object towards the light source? What happens when you move the light source away from the object? Write your answers.
  • Watch this video clip showing a puppeteer using shadows: Shadow puppets - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize
  • Watch this Shadow Puppet Show Video of the 3 Little Pigs: The 3 Little Piggies - Shadow Puppets Film-making workshop - YouTube
  • Watch this video clip of hand shadows enacting ‘What a wonderful world’: What a Wonderful World Shadow Puppet.mp4 - YouTube.
  • Now use the Shadow Hand Puppet Instructions to make your own shadows. Can you make any other animals?
  • Ask somebody else in your house to help you out with the Fun with Shadows task sheet. Pick a sunny day and try to achieve all the tasks. Use the photos to give you ideas, if you are struggling.
  • Investigation: Again, on a sunny day, use a tree or washing pole or just plant a stick in the ground and chalk (or lay stones) on where the shadow is cast on the floor. During the day, mark on where the shadow moves to. Can you explain why and how this happens?


  • Learn and perform ‘My Shadow’ by Robert Louis Stevenson with suitable lighting effects – use your imagination!
  • Make a mind map of all the vocabulary we have used in our ‘Switched On’ topic and explain what all the terms mean: pitch black; light source; natural; man-made; artificial; mirror; reflect; ultra violet (U.V.); protection; rays; shadow; block; opaque; transparent; translucent; pattern; shadow puppet


  • Having learnt all about shadows, I would like you to attempt some questions in the Shadows Quiz below. Some questions are a bit tricky, some are similar to others and it is 10 pages long, but..... it would be great if you could do your best and complete as much as you can. There are answers provided for you.