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Good afternoon, children!


Today’s science initially takes us back to our first lesson on Light Sources and our primary Light Source: The Sun.


The sun is so important to us for so many reasons, but we must always be careful to respect it.


  1. Please watch the video in the Video Resource Centre (Topaz) 25th Jan Science, then follow the instructions, as explained:
  2. Produce a sun safety poster, giving at least 5 pieces of advice to keep safe AND giving the reasons why each piece of advice is important.
  3. Research and present your learning (as a poster, PowerPoint, video etc) as to why Thomas Edison and Humphry Davy are so important in our work on light. You might find out:


  • When and where they were born?
  • How long they lived for?
  • Where were they from?
  • What was their most important contribution to our use of light?
  • How did their inventions make things better for people?
  • How have these men been remembered?


Remember to send your work to your teacher!