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LO: Do different organisms live in different habitats?

LO: Can I put living things into groups?


Good afternoon everyone,


For today’s lesson you are going to learn about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as grouping vertebrates.


You have three tasks to complete today.


1) Press the button for the virtual classroom where you will find a video created by Miss. Romaniw about habitats, two YouTube videos and play a games about grouping vertebrates.


2) Complete the worksheet where you will need to cut out animals pictures and group them into their vertebrate groups.


3) Go outside on a nature walk (or in your back garden) to see what type of vertebrates you can find in your area. Write down the types of vertebrates you can find.


The PowerPoint Miss. Romaniw uses in her video is below in case you want to recap what you have learnt or to remind yourself of the classification of vertebrates.