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Good afternoon!


We begin our Science topic today, called ‘Switched On’ and it is all about light.


The very first thing you need to do, is head to the Video Resource Centre and watch the live teaching video ‘11th Jan Science’ within Topaz Class area, making sure you have a paper and pen. Also make sure you pause the video, when told to.


After watching the lesson:


  1. With a partner (brother/sister or parent), head to the darkest room/area in your house. Spend a minute in there and tell your partner what you can see. And why?
  2. Hopefully, the area was pitch black and you could see nothing! If so, the reason is that you need a light source in able to see view objects.
  3. Can you now explain the difference between night and day – either by telling an adult or writing/drawing? Eg. the colour of the sky, flowers’ movements, birds’ behaviour, shops and other buildings, activities that you do etc
  4. Just like in the video, go round your house and collect a number of objects which either give out light or are shiny/reflect light.
  5. Now sort these objects into light sources (which give out their own light) and objects which do not (they simply reflect light from a light source).
  6. The light sources now need to be sorted into natural or man-made.
  7. Watch this video about Light Sources in your bedroom and outside:
  8. Following this video, think carefully… is the moon a light source? Explain your answer.
  9. Watch this video that uses a torch as a light source to spot objects – including a cat’s eyes:
  10. Watch this video about natural and man-made light sources and shout out ‘natural’ or ‘man-made’ at each light source that appears:
  11. Finally, I would like you to create a poster, PowerPoint Presentation or even a video, showing what you have learnt today about light. Make sure you share it with your teacher. The following key vocabulary needs to be used and (where appropriate) explained: investigate, sort, pitch black, light source, natural, man-made, artificial, absence of light.

Next week’s lesson is all about the reflection of light – see you then!