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Good afternoon!


We continue our ‘Switched On’ Science topic today, all about light.


Today we are learning about Reflection.


The first thing you need to do, is head to the Video Resource Centre and watch the live teaching video ‘18th Jan Science’ within Topaz Class area, making sure you have a paper and pen. Also make sure you pause the video, when told to.


 After watching the lesson:


  1. If you didn’t fetch a number of different objects from around the house and order them as to how reflective they were, do it now!
  2. Explain on paper which kind of objects reflect well and which do not. Do you know which colours reflect best/worst and why?
  3. Draw and write how and why objects which reflect well are useful to us eg. Cat’s Eyes, High Vis Jackets, Car Mirrors
  4. If you have a selection of mirrors, ask an adult or two to help you (in a darkened room) shine a torch on the first mirror, then try to make the light reflect onto the next mirror, then the next and so on. How many can you reach?
  5. Having done Number 4, reflect (Teacher joke, there!) on what this investigation tells you about how light travels. Can you draw your mirror angles and explain your learning? You may wish to photograph or video the mirror work.
  6. Watch this video about particularly good reflective materials: The use of reflective materials for safety - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize
  7. Watch this video about light changing direction and impact of different colours – with short quiz underneath: What is reflection? - BBC Bitesize
  8. Watch this video about needing a light source – What was Wee Willie Winkie’s problem at the end?: Seeing in the dark - reflective materials - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize
  9. If you would like to have more mirror fun, can you write your name in a mirror? Can you write secret words or messages that you can only understand in a mirror? Test your family to read them!


As ever, please send your written/videoed/drawn outcomes from the above tasks to your teacher!