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All learners are supported in many different ways, and we believe it is important that all pupils achieve and make progress.  Therefore we amend the English curriculum to suit all learners and offer various methods of support to ensure we overcome any barriers to learning. All our PPM and SEN children are heard read aloud daily and offered Book Talk opportunities. 


Children with Barriers to Learning and SEN access various workshops within the Learning Lounge.  These include:

  • Rhythm & Rhyme
  • Words First
  • Clicker
  • Individual Reading and Flashcards
  • Pre-teaching of Vocabulary
  • Life Skills
  • Dangerous Writing


Phonics, Reading, Grammar and Writing interventions are implemented at various times across the school to narrow gaps and support pupils.  

  • Bounce Back Phonics is used in Key Stage Two to further support children with their phonic decoding and reading.  
  • Reciprocal Reading interventions take place in Key Stage Two as part of our daily mentoring sessions. 
  • Grammar for Writing interventions have taken place in Key Stage Two as part of our daily mentoring sessions. 
  • Fast Track Phonics is used in Key Stage One and is a 14 week programme used to further support pupils' phonological development in Year Two.  
  • Stareway to Spelling is an intervention to support pupils in Key Stage Two.  

Example Topic Plan for our Learning Lounge