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T-Rex - Nursery

Welcome to T-Rex!




In nursery we aim to create a friendly atmosphere where the children feel happy and secure and are excited to learn: we hope they will develop a sense of individual responsibility and respect for others.

The outdoor area is used everyday to extend and complement experiences provided inside. Children can do things on a much larger scale outside-huge pieces of paper to paint on, paths to draw on, soil to dig, stage to perform on and paving stones to sweep. The adventure playground also provides opportunities for risk taking and gross motor skills. Children are frequently more relaxed and confident outside and more receptive to learning. By experiencing learning in a safe and supportive outdoor environment, children gain a sense of value for the wider, natural world, a sense of responsibility for their environment, in addition to self-esteem, confidence and physical and emotional strength.


Our Class motto is "I can't do it yet."


To contact nursery either ring the school office on 01254 244580 or email Mrs O'Mahoney at


Meet the Staff

Mrs O'Mahoney

Hi, my name is Nicky O’Mahoney and I have been a nursery teacher at Salesbury School since 2011, prior to this I worked in our Key Stage 1 department. I feel very privileged to work at this amazing school; it has been my dream since I was only 5 years old. I was brought up in Salesbury and naturally attended this school: my first teacher was an inspiring lady and it is because of my fond memories of my time in her care I decided to be a teacher. I wanted to follow in her footsteps. My hope now is to inspire a new generation of children to follow their dreams, to never give up even when faced with adversity and who knows to even inspire a few to become teachers! It is such a rewarding and fulfilling job. I am very dedicated to supporting children in becoming happy, independent, enthusiastic and healthy individuals who are ready to start school and follow their dreams.



Mrs Lowe

Hi, I am Gill Lowe. I have worked at Salesbury School for 15 years. I really look forward to coming to work since every day is different and we always have lots of fun. I work in nursery 3 days a week which I thoroughly enjoy. It helps to keep me young and full of energy! It is amazing to see the progress the children have made from the time they start nursery to the time they leave. I hope I have many more years working at this fantastic school.



Mrs Duerden

Hi, my name is Mrs Duerden. I have been a teaching assistant for 16 years, starting in year 2 before moving into reception. My weekends are spent going to football, watching Wigan Athletic on Saturdays and going to church at St Peter's on Sundays. I enjoy singing, playing the guitar and reading.

Kit list

Nursery uniform can be order via the following website. It is the company Tesco now use for their school uniforms.

Please make sure your child has the following everyday:


  • velcro shoes/trainers

  • slippers

  • waterproof coat with a hood

  • wellies (kept in the shed)

  • pumps

  • bag of spare clothes (underwear, jogging trousers, t shirt, jumper, socks) and a carrier bag to put wet things in. They don't need to be our uniform.

  • waterproof gloves and hats in winter (wooly gloves are not suitable for outdoor learning)


     Please make sure every item of clothing is named. 

Class Goals

"What to Expect When": a useful document showing keymilestones in a child's development