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This means...

Teachers formatively assess the children each time they take part in mathematics activities, based on the lesson objectives/learning question. Work is marked in line with the school’s Marking and Feedback Policy. This information is used to inform future planning. ‘Live’ marking and use of the Marking Log enable misconceptions to be dealt with at the time, or shortly after.


During each term, teachers will formally assess pupils, in terms of the children being in line with, above, or below expectations for their year group. Class and Learning Lounge-based individual or group sessions are used to support children struggling to meet their targets.


Parents receive notification in the Autumn and Spring Reports to let them know how their child is doing and targets are given to support their next steps in learning.  School will also find ways to address such issues and support these children, as appropriate. In the Summer Report, parents are informed if their child is working towards, meeting or exceeding expectations for their year group. These assessments are discussed at the termly Parents’ Evening meetings.


Parents may also receive feedback on the different activities their child’s class are involved in, through the Class Facebook and Class Web Page. Governors are kept informed through verbal reports from the Mathematics Link Governor, verbal and written reports from the Mathematics Subject Leaders and in the annual Subject Presentation Evening.