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Thursday 10th December

 English  Today you are going to write the rest of your story of the ghost of Christmas past, present or future giving their account of their visit to Scrooge (using yesterday's plan to help)


 1st   Complete the starter sheet on perfect tense (past)


The formula for the past perfect tense is had + [past participle]. It doesn’t matter if the subject is singular or plural; the formula doesn’t change.


 2nd   Look back at the account of your ghost meeting Scrooge (done on Tuesday) and yesterday's plan. Get your mind back into the role of the ghost.

Look at the story book again (below).

Consider, whilst looking back over your work and the book, how you will convey the character of your ghost when writing your retelling of events. Consider:

• How does your ghost sound and move and how can you refer to this in your writing?

• What is your character’s opinion of Scrooge and how can you convey this?

• What makes your ghost different to the other ghosts and how can you show this?


 3rd  Here is one way you could write your first few sentences:

'I whisked Scrooge up and away from the present. We swept through the air of the cold winter night and began to traverse time, back into the past. As we flew past buildings and life with swift speed, Scrooge screamed in terror, unable to fully comprehend what was happening. Shouting with panic, he begged me to stop; he questioned my intentions; he was still try to fathom whether this was reality or just a surreal dream.'


 4th  Success Criteria

Use 'ing' openings

Use adverbial openers for where and when

Look at your plan

Read aloud each sentence to yourself as you write. Read the punctuation!

Remember to write in the character of your ghost in the Victorian era (no modern words please)


 Maths  Today we are focusing on three dimensional (3D) shape


 1st  Complete one or more of the LBQ tasks. See Facebook for the code.


 2nd  Complete the mental maths sheet (below)


 3rd  Try the advent calendar challenge (main Tanzanite page)


 4th  Try one of the other set sheets/challenges.


The Gospel Accounts of the Birth of Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke both tell about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Some of the events are the same, but each account also give information about different events linked to Jesus' birth.


 1st  Read the events from both Gospels in the document below.


 2nd  Read the events a second time and try to spot the events that appear in both Gospels and those that only appear in one.


 3rd  Write the events into the correct place on the Venn diagram.