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Thursday 11th February


We are learning how to 'enumerate possibilities' today.

There will be a Teams meeting at 9:30am.

Choose the appropriate activity from the file below.


Task One: Watch this video about noun phrases KS2 English: Noun Phrases - BBC Teach to brush up on your knowledge. 

Task Two: Join our lesson at 11:00am.  Today we are going to focus on adjectives and adverbs and will be re-creating a very well-known nursery rhyme. 


Complete the third of three tasks on the LBQ site.  This week we have a fiction text to read and today you are looking at inference.  Remember to read the text carefully and support your thoughts with evidence from the text.  The code for the lesson is: 2pj7


Today you need to access the quiz below about online safety.  You also need to complete the internet detective task with an adult.  


This week we are going to be learning how to say which animals we see on our way to school

Watch Mrs Rees’ video on the Video Resource Centre (The powerpoint is also attached below)

Practise saying each sentence

Using the Activity (attached below) write a paragraph about the animals you see on your journey to school. Please feel free to exaggerate!

You can present this as either a paragraph of writing or a road journey with the sentences and pictures it is your choice!


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