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Thursday 11th June

Hola Jupiter


Here are today's activities:


Learn some more of the 'Peace' poem by heart, ready for Friday 19th June


LBQ: Reasoning Addition and Subtraction (harder)

Divide Numbers Mentally (easier)

Code: xix

My Maths: Introducing Area


Extension - Try a task or two from the Extension page if you like. Challenge yourself!


English: Day 4 from the plan

Year 4 - 1. Study the words: scout, hollow, trotting, loomed, soundly, jaunt - using the table shown on the bottom of the plan.

2. Then look for the words and answer comprehension questions about chapter 3 of 'The Secret Lake'.

3. Finally, plan the next chapter as if you were going to write it


Year 5 - 1. Read the first five pages of 'Goodnight Mr. Tom'. Draw pictures of William and Mr. Tom Oakley.

2. Label the drawings using words and phrases from the story text.

3. Then compare the opening of the book to the opening of the film.


Read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes. Complete a spelling mat.


Complete a task from the Activities Grid


Have an outstanding day.