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Thursday 14th May



1 - Complete the 5 a day task below. We are on day four and you should correct any errors after you've marked it. 

2 - Complete the Ratio task on My Maths. 
3 - Watch the Reasoning video below and then complete the task .


In his novel, Pinocchio, the author Carlo Collodi describes the wooden puppet Pinocchio using the following vocabulary: insolent, derisive, rascal, imp, wretched.
Use a dictionary or thesaurus or to define these words. Investigate and collect a range of
synonyms (words meaning the same or nearly the same) and antonyms (words meaning the opposite) linked to these words. 

• What impression do these words give you of Pinocchio?

Before reading today’s text, use a dictionary or thesaurus to define the words immediately and desperately. Look out for these words within today’s story.


Read chapters 1-3 of Pinocchio

• What ‘impish’ behaviour does Pinocchio display?
Record in writing.


Complete the lesson set on the LBQ site. The code is: hbo

Learning Lounge Learning


1 - Complete the mixed times table task on My Maths.

2 - Complete the money lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: hbo


Read up to p9 of The Enormous Crocodile (up until ‘… I’ve eaten at least three juicy little children!’)

Alternatively, listen and enjoy this story together up to 08:11 mins in the recording below:

Discuss what has happened in the story so far.
Make a list of the characters which the crocodile has met along the way, what they are doing and eating.

Create a fact file,

e.g. Character 1
What are they eating?
Character 2
What are they eating?
Character 3
What are they eating?
Return to the film/story to find these details.


Complete the lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: hbo