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Thursday 18th June

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths main. Fractions. Make a tower 5 counters high. Say, "If this tower is 1/4, how high is the whole tower of counters?" See photo below. Repeat by building new towers. For each one say, "If this tower is 1/4, how high is the whole tower of counters?" Ask a grown up to check your answers.

Maths main. Place value. Answer as many questions about place value as you can on the activity sheet Assessment - Place Value. See PowerPoint below.

Guided Reading. Today you are going to find out about the Wright brothers who, it is thought, invented the first flying machine. First of all, you are going to explore some vocabulary that you will come across. Have a go at thinking about what you think each word below might mean and then look up the definition in a dictionary. Or use the online dictionary at:
aerodynamic, pioneer, glider, efficient, navigate, warped.
See PowerPoint below for a chart to record the words.

English. Now watch the clip below. Remember to listen out for the words you have explored. The Wright Brothers: First Successful Aeroplane 1903 (spelt Airplane in this
American video).
Find out some more information here: Ducksters – Wright Brothers
Note down any words that are unfamiliar to you and add them to your chart. Find out the meaning of these words. At the bottom of the webpage is a quiz. Clickon the link to test your knowledge by completing the ten question quiz!

Science. Mini-beast hunting and classification. (This project will run all week.) Go on another mini-beast hunt. Classify the mini-beasts you find with the help of the three documents below. For example; an ant is an insect, an earthworm is an annelid.